So what is pure water window cleaning?

Pure water-fed pole window cleaning was introduced into the UK due to the number of accidents from people working at heights from ladders. By introducing a pure water reach and wash technology, this enable a person to clean windows from the safety of the ground without the risk of falling from height.

Pure water-fed pole window cleaning has revolutionised window cleaning, transforming it from a man with a ladder, a dirty rag into a highly professional industry

What is Pure Water?

The water that comes out of your tap contains a number of dissolved minerals, mainly calcium and magnesium, which when sprayed onto a window and left to dry will leave residues on the glass.

We use a water purification process to de-ionise & de-mineralise water leaving it perfectly pure and is stored in our vehicles ready for use.

How does it clean my windows?

Pure water wants to be dirty again, when it is applied to your windows using one of our water fed extending poles, it attracts dirt like a magnet, without the need for detergent. Any dried-on dirt is scrubbed off using our soft brushes. Once the dirt has been removed, a final rinse ensures the windows, frames and sills are left clean.

Because the final rinse is with purified water, there's no need to squeegee off the water. It can be simply left to dry, leaving a streak-free finish.

Cleaner for Longer

With traditional window cleaning methods, a thin film of detergent is left on the window after squeegeeing. Being detergent, it attracts dirt to itself, meaning that your windows get dirty again. With pure water cleaning, no detergent is used, so no deposit is left behind to attract dirt. This means your windows actually stay cleaner for longer.

Environmentally Friendly

No detergent run-off means that all that goes into the ground around your building is water. You can be confident that having your windows cleaned does not need to pollute the environment.

Safety by Pure-Water Pole System

A pure water-fed pole system is used for the high level exterior window cleaning, a technology that turns ordinary tap water into the purest water in the world, creating a powerful cleaning agent that leaves surfaces spot free without cleaning chemicals or detergents.

While impurities in ordinary tap water cause spotting and streaking, pure water becomes an aggressive cleaning agent. The water dries without any streaks or spots, and there is no need for any soap or squeegees.

Telescopic water-fed poles are used to do the cleaning, eliminating the need for ladders or lifts for accessing high level windows which eliminates and Health & Safety concerns.

Just some of the Services we provide:


  • Pure Water Window Cleaning
  • Jet Washing
  • Pure Water Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Caravan Cleaning

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